Friday, September 26, 2008

Life on Denman so Far

We are well into our third week here on Denman Island, and there is absolutely no way that we ever want to leave this amazing place. We could not ask for a better situation or place to be. Though the work is physical and often heavy, our life on the orchard flows with ease and consitency. We're enjoying ourselves amongst the general beauty and relaxed way of life and it has helped us recover from our year abroad. A sense of place, that has been missing in us, is now starting to take hold. After being away for so long we had started to forget the comfort of home.
As our new surroundings make their impressions, the lessons learned while in Australia and Jordan confront us with regularity. We have a new eye for the pattern and characteristics of our native landscape. Everyday I am more excited about what Permaculture has to offer, and how it can help people confront the issues of our changing world.
We work hard getting the apples sorted out during the course of a day. Its tough work with a 20kg bag hanging off you whilst climbing and picking. Keeping the effort to a couple hours at a time with lots of little breaks helps to stave off fatigue and injury. Wild life abounds here, and there is always something to see while out in the orchard. There are raccoons, bald eagles, kingfisher, deer, green tree frogs and little snakes everywhere. The insect life is phenomenal, and I love watching the dragonflys skim over the lake and do their dance. It surprises me how many spiders there are too. Bigger than I remember, which is not a problem now that I have seen the Huntsman and Redbacks of Australia or the scorpions of Jordan.
The first two weeks were full of apples, swimming and fishing. Now that it's a lot cooler it's kayaking, fishing, mushroom picking and of course apples. We take the apples to farmers markets on the weekends, which are a lot of fun, and it is great to see so many conscientious vendors. Busy markets at the end of busy picking weeks makes for some long hours, but at the end of the day in the crowds I feel charged up with plenty of zing left over. Life is good here and we can't wait to share it with our friends when they are ready to visit us.

- Tanya

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