Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our recon mission to Denman

Back in Canada and hitting the ground running!

We were into our second week home and there was already heaps to do. One of the main things on our list was a trip to Denman Island. We needed to meet the owners of Apple Lane Orchard. We have moved to the orchard to help with the harvest, as well as start striking some firm roots of our own.
Gregg (Jesse's Brother) came along for the ride, to check out our new home and offer a keen eye to the situation. It was a quick trip, exciting and absolutely beautiful because the weather held up nicely.

I think that the Island life will suit us just fine!!!
There is a lot of rain in the winter here but that is made easier with good surroundings; a clean lake stocked with trout, the ocean in all directions and a lack of hustle and bustle. The gulf Islands of BC our know for there natural beauty and laid back culture. There are several other islands near by. such as Hornby and Lasqueti and Vancouver Island is only a very short "fairy" ride.
There are 1000 residents on Denman and we hope to meet like minded people who are supportive of the work we do. This coming weekend there is a local strawbale work party that I plan on attending. It is going to be a great way to meet some locals and learn some new skills.
The apple orchard is very pretty and one really could not ask for a better work environment. What we might be loosing in the exceitment of city living we will gain in the strong community relationships that can be built in a place like Denman Island. In the last year I have learned that a true measure of wealth is found in the richness of diverse community relationships.

It's another beginning and it is going to be a fantastic journey. An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay!

I will keep you posted!

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